Frequently Asked Questions

An ESA is an Emotional Support Animal. Petcerts is able to help customers live more comfortably by helping to make Emotional Support Animal letters more accessible!

A PSD is a Psychiatric Service Dog. Petcerts partners with local therapists to assist in helping individuals convert their pre-existing pets into Psychiatric Service Dogs!

In order to remain legally compliant with state and federal laws, Petcerts partners with therapists based in the customer’s state and sometimes even in their city! Petcerts closely follows both state and federal laws to ensure compliance and also interacts with government agencies on a regular basis to provide input on related laws.

So you feel completely comfortable with using Petcerts, Petcerts guarantees that the products/services will work. For any reason, if the letter provided does not work, Petcerts is able to issue a refund!

Currently, Petcerts does not accept insurance for our services but are working towards that in the future. Petcerts works to offer our services at a price point that is fair to our consumers.

Petcerts does its best to offer a low price to customers. Petcert does offer payment plans for customers who are in need! Please contact our support team for additional steps.

Since Petcerts partners with licensed therapists in the state of the customer, completion times for orders may vary. Petcerts always aims to have all orders completed within 24 hours.

No, Petcerts does not offer training for animals, however, depending on your location, Petcerts can help with sourcing a trainer!

Yes, Petcerts sells a selection of pet supplies here at Petcerts! Please visit to see available products!

Emotional Support Animals or ESAs and Psychiatric Service Dogs or PSDs are protected under various laws. Some of these laws include but are not limited to The Americans With Disabilities Act, The Fair Housing Act, The Air Carriers Access Act, and The Rehabilitation Act Of 1973.

Petcerts’ payment plan allows individuals who may be slightly tight on funds to receive an emotional support animal letter (ESA) or psychiatric service dog letter (PSD) by breaking up the payment into two separate payments. Petcerts accepts the first payment through the website and then will send the remaining payment via email invoice. After that, Petcerts will send over the letter once approved. In order to get the letter, full price must be paid.

No, Petcerts values your privacy and would never sell data!

Yes, Petcerts follows both HIPPA compliance and actively works to protect data!

Absolutely! Petcerts uses cutting-edge technology, AI, and partnered providers in order to protect every piece of data. Petcerts collect minimal data in order to more efficiently and effectively limit oversharing/overcollecting of data. Petcerts also partners with Paypal to provide safe and secure checkout options which house all credit card-related information directly with Paypal. Paypal also protects the privacy and integrity of payments and data provided.