Affordable Pricing On ESA/PSD Letters

Emotional Support Animal & Psychiatric Service Dog Letters

PetCerts offers fully legal and legitimate Emotional Support Animal Letters and Psychiatric Service Dog Letters.

PetCerts works with therapists in each state to offer assessments and ESA/PSD letters to individuals like you! These letters are used to help everyday people avoid paying pet fees for housing and travel and to live more comfortably with their conditions.

  • ESA/PSD Housing Letter
  • PSD Transportation Letter
  • PSD Combo Letters
  • Physical ESA/PSD Documentation
  • ESA/PSD Physical ID Card
  • No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Our Products At An Affordable Price

ESA Housing Letter

Emotional Support Animal letter designed to avoid paying pet fees for housing.

$95/ Annual

PSD Housing Letter

Psychiatric Service Dog letter designed to cover pet related fees for housing.

$159/ Annual

PSD Transportation Letter

Used to allow your animal to travel with you on transit including planes and trains.

$159/ Annual

ESA/PSD Physical Paperwork

A paper copy of all ESA & PSD documents on cardstock paper.

$35/ One-Time

PSD Housing & Transportation Letters

Annual Psychiatric Service Dog letters to accommodate housing and travel.

$199/ Annual

ESA/PSD Physical ID Card

High quality PVC card with your Emotional Support Animal/Psychiatric Service Dog details.

$35/ One-Time

ESA Renewal Bundle

ESA Housing Letter valid for 2 years.

$180/ Biennial

ESA Letter Bundle

ESA Housing Letter with Physical Card & Paperwork.

$148/ Annual

PSD Letter Bundle

PSD Housing Letter with Physical ID Card & Paperwork.

$205/ Annual

ESA Travel Bundle

ESA Housing Letter with Hotel/Travel Guidelines.

$110/ Annual

PSD Travel Bundle

PSD Airline Letter with Hotel/Travel Guidelines.

$174/ Annual